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Before the Big Day...

How would you describe your style?

We have a creative reportage style of photography so we document the wedding day as it genuinely unfolds. Read more about our photography style and approach on our about us page.

Katherine or Steve or both of you?!

We're very happy shooting weddings alone or with an assistant so if your plan is for one photographer then I can safely say our styles are impossible to tell apart. If we shoot a wedding together we will always have a 'man of the match' which we will both claim as our own shot! We both have 10 years experience working as professional wedding photographers and share the same creative principles and passions. So its more a case of preference and availability!

If you are undecided about having two photographers cover your day then its worth having a chat with us. Photographing your wedding day together Steve and I are able to capture so much more than when we work alone. Our couples love having both us of to cover pre-ceremony preparations which are often at separate locations. During the ceremony we photograph from two separate vantage points and all the key moments are covered in this way, with a dual perspective. When it comes to photographing your table decorations or style details for example or taking the group portraits, I might be doing this whilst Steve continues to capture the reportage interaction of your guests and all the gorgeous little moments which could otherwise be missed. Of course if you have a very small wedding or you're planning a weekday wedding on a tighter budget then having Steve or myself cover the day may be more appropriate, do get in touch, we're very happy to design the coverage to suit you. 

What camera kit do you use?

We both use Canon Rf Mirrorless and Canon L Series and RF lenses. We carry back up equipment and a full range of professional lighting.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance - certificate available on request.

Will you meet with us before the wedding?

Ideally yes! If its not possible then we will have a lengthy chat over the phone or a Zoom call. We'll be spending probably the most important day of your life with you so its important that you feel you can trust us and relax in our company. If its a new wedding venue to us then we will try to meet you there. We'll have a good chat through your wedding plans and talk you through what we do on a wedding day and generally get super excited about your wedding! In the lead up to the wedding we're happy to offer guidance and advice on all things wedding-related and a month or so before the big day we'll finalise a shot planner containing all the key details - ceremony times, contact details, a group portrait list - so we're fully prepped for your Big Day! If its not looking possible to meet up in person then we will have a skype chat or phone call.

Will you help advise with timings?

Absolutely. We've gotten pretty knowledgable about weddings over the past few years so happy to share our experience and get involved in the planning stages. From advising on the best ceremony time depending on the time of year and daylight hours to factoring in a golden hour portrait session before your first dance. Careful consideration to your timings will make all the difference to your enjoyment of the day.

Do you photograph weddings outside of Devon and Cornwall?

We photograph weddings all over Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Gloucestershire without charging travel expenses. We are very happy to travel further to photograph your wedding either in the UK or abroad but travel expenses may be incurred. Please enquire.

How can I book you?

Get in touch with us using our wedding enquiry form or give us a call (Katherine 07718733843 or Steve - 07899794005) We'll reply as soon as we can with information on our availability and coverage options. If all looks good then we'll suggest meeting informally over a coffee. You can discuss your wedding plans with us, look through some more work, see some books and albums and ask lots of questions. If this isn't possible then a chat over the phone or a facetime/Zoom call can be arranged. We'll be spending such a precious occasion with you its important you feel comfortable with us. If we're the ones, then Whoop! I have a booking form for you to fill in and we ask for a deposit to cement the booking and we're all set for the Big Day!

On the Big Day...

What happens if you're ill?

In the unlikely situation that either one of us is too ill to photograph your wedding we would do our very best to find a replacement photographer. Being in the wedding industry means we have built up a good network of respected colleagues who we can call upon in an emergency. I'm pleased to say we've never needed to.

What happens if it rains?

In true British spirit it will NOT dampen our spirits! You may be weather obsessed in the run up to the big day, I know I was, but in our experience, the weather has never spoilt a wedding day - come the day with all its excitement and emotion, the weather will be the last thing on your mind. We always carry a few pretty umbrellas with us, and a bit of rain hasn't stopped us yet from venturing out for some romantic, dramatic portraits! We have plenty of winter and rainy day weddings we can share with you if you get in touch.

Your style is informal, reportage but I do want some formal portraits - will you take these?

Yes of course we will. We'll happily advise you on these and together we will create a shot planner with a list of your group portraits which we'll bring with us on the big day. The great thing about a team of two wedding photographers - one of us will be continuing to capture the wedding day candidly whilst the portraits are being taken, making sure nothing is missed!

Do you require a meal?

Yes please. We don't have to have what you're having, a suppliers meal or smple bar meal is perfect. We try and time a break when you and your guests sit down to eat.

After the Big Day...

When do we receive our wedding photos?

Within 4-6 weeks of the big day via a bespoke gallery ready to download and share.

How many photographs will we get?

After two to three days of careful processing - editing, colour balancing and retouching you will have a minimum of 500 photos if its one of us or 650 if its the two of us on a full day's coverage. But there is no maximum limit to the amount you receive - if they're great, they're in! Its rare to hand over less than 650 when we both shoot a wedding, especially during the Summer months when we are blessed with more natural daylight.

Can I print and share my photos?

Absolutely but just for personal use. We retain the copyright which is standard across the creative industry.

Do you design wedding albums and story books?

Yes we offer a beautiful range of premium story books and fine art albums from FOLIO and have samples to show you. We can incorporate an album or story book into your wedding package or you can place an order after the wedding. Ask us for details and a brochure.

Every photo is our new favourite - we just love them all!
Katie & Alex : Shilstone House, Modbury, Devon